Your Golf Journal

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Plan your golf season ahead!

If you want to be successful in golf, you leave nothing to chance.

This planner helps to plan a golf season professionally.

Keep track of your goals, schedule time periods and monitor your progress.

Structured in 12 times 4 weeks, you have the perfect overview of your training successes.
Record your status at the beginning and determine what you want to have achieved at the end of the season.
Now you can determine for each day of a week exactly what you want to train.
After 4 weeks, you can assess your status and check if you succeeded in everything.

In addition, you will find 12 training chapters with tips for better training.

Who is the author?


my name is Philipp aka the Golfinskeptor on Instagram.

The golf inspector came about as an idea for an Instagram account. Previously, I had asked a golf buddy what he did for a living: he was training to be a government inspector. That inspired me to come up with the name.

I had my first contact with golf when I was 14 years old. My game as a left-hander was terrible, but my joy was enormous - despite that. At some point, I wanted to start playing again. But before that came puberty and much more - about 40 years more.

When I moved to Wiesloch near Heidelberg in 2017, Google Maps showed me a golf course right in the neighboring town. One taster course later, I was infected; made my course license as a right-handed golfer in the same year and in 2018 the first tournaments. The success was relatively amazing: in the first competition on our 9-hole course I played 36 net points and my HC dropped from 54 to 36. Then there was a tournament week on the same course and on the first three days I played my way from class C to A and won every time. Then I tried our 18 holes course and ended up 1st in my class net again, I think it was 43 net points. In 2018, I finished with a handicap of about 23.

After that came the dip. Actually, I had assumed that my handicap would have to drop at least to 16. But the reality was different. It took until 2020 for me to even get below 20.

In the meantime (early 2023), the handicap is no longer so important to me. I play my game, know my weaknesses (stroke lengths are quite short and sometimes I forget the shoulder rotation) and enjoy every second outside.

Sometimes there are good tournaments (83 strokes and 46 NP) and also scores that surprise myself (81 on a foreign course), but also mixed days when things don‘t go so well. But the most important thing is always: stay true to yourself and enjoy this great sport!

Now I hope that the journal has helped you for your season!

Enjoy your game.


More tips and posts about me and golf? Visit!

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Your Golf Journal

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